Start the Year Right

Happy New Year! After more than a month, I finally get the time to collect my thoughts and write my first ever blog post for 2017.
Have I started my year right? Or do we really have to wait for the new year to make things right? After the holiday orders' overload was over, that I am forever grateful for, I pondered on the kind of life I want to have. And that is to RECONNECT.
1. Reconnect with the Lord. Seek God first. And I vowed to take it seriously. For the last 15 days, it's the first thing that my mobile phone reminds me of. Yes, we can have it in our mobile phones, an app called Solid Joys. It's a daily devotional that my cousin Miya shared to me. I find it very fulfilling that I get to start my day reading and meditating on God's word. I encourage you to have and take the time to be with the Lord in whatever way you are most confortable with.
2. Reconnect with friends and family. Social media helps us see and know what is happening with the people around us, our family and friends. But Iet us have a better reconnection, by seeing our family and friends face to face. I was glad that on the first week of 2017, our family got to do it, by remembering the last birthday celebration of Mama 'Be, 5 years ago, we had a family lunch, invited our relatives from in the paternal side of my family, the Mercados and the Nolascos.

And on the 2nd day of the year, I invited  my highschool friend, Fermae and her family for a quick catch-up lunch at home. 

3. Reconnect with the ME. Often times, we lost the track that we wanted to take. And it a must that we take the time to be with the ME, because only then we can be the better version of who we are. And as I reconnect with the ME, I go back to the hobby that took ME places and got ME live lives, reading. I also planned a number of travels for the year around the Philippines to satisfy the wander girl in ME. 

Let us always make the best of our every waking day. BE GRATEFUL!