Travel Diary 2016: Early Dinner at Kamayan ni Manay

It started to drizzle when we arrived in Dipolog City, past 4:00 P.M. After checked-in at Antonio's, I asked the lady at the information counter for a place to eat in Dapitan City that is near Gloria's Fantasyland. She was quick to say "Kamayan ni Manay."
Kamayan ni Manay is located along Sunset Boulevard and just a stone throw away from Gloria's Fantasyland.

We were the only customers when we arrived, since its quite early to have dinner. Kuya Waiter suggested that we get their Seafood Basket that is good for 6 persons. Mama just added 1 Kamayan Surprise for dessert, which is a surprise as what Kuya Waiter said when asked what goes in the Kamayan Surprise.
While we wait for our orders to arrive, we enjoy the seabreeze just across the restaurant. And just in time for the rain our orders arrived. Kamayan means using your hands in eating, which I highly encourgae when eating seafoods. I find it more sarisfying when I eat with my hands.
Sinigang na Isda is perfect for the rainy evening, the sourness  taste very natural not the taste we get from powdered one. Ginataang Alimango on the otherhand stands out because its creaminess which tasted like cream filled milk. The Crispy Shrimps and Inihaw na Isda tasted like how we make it at home. Dinner on the first night of our roadtrip gave us the comfort of home. And Kamayan Surprise is a big surprise of fresh fruits drizzled with cream and milk topped with scoops ofice cream.

I highly recommended for big groups because of its big servings and affordable price. For 7 persons Mama spent Php 1,350.00 only. We left feeling so full and ready to explore Gloria's Fantasyland.