Travel Diary 2016: My OH-OW Moment in Lanao Del Sur

We all got our own OH-OW moments. And mine happens when I am on the road and travelling. During our family roadtrip, I had one while passing Lanao del Sur. While I was being amazed by the abundance of water from the mountainside, I was so surprised to see a tunnel along the way.
A Town Hall that we passed by
Blurry, I was trying to capture the water flowing on the mountainside with my camera phone
I asked Lolo Boy to make a stop, so I can take a picture of the tunnel, not knowing I kept on saying "Oh-wow-ow." I just realized what I was doing when I got in the car and the Browie was laughing and saying "Oh-wow-ow."
Picong Tunnel
And more than a week after our trip, I researched about this tunnel that we passed through along Lanao del Sur. Picong Tunnel  is a 60-meters long tunnel in Picong, Lanao del Sur built by the Americans in World War II.
I got so little information about this tunnel. I told Browie about it and its historical significance, he apologized and told me that he will not laugh at me, when I started saying "oh-wow-ow."
I learned one thing from this experience, to trust my instinct when I feel that a particular place is special, because we will never know what a particular place can offer us.