Travel Diary 2016: Mountain Road and Tummy Fill in Zamboanga Del Sur

Browie and Mama at Mons Grill
After passing through the coastal town of Sultan Naga Dimaporo, we start our climbto the mountain town of Aurora, part of Zamboanga del Sur. We were so amazed that we saw locals selling crabs and prawns along the mountain roadsides. 
By the time we reached the plains of Zamboanga del Sur, we start to fell hungry and find a place to eat. We were looking for some seafood with the many crabs and prawns we see along the way. It was past 1 P.M. and still no seafood, we are now ready for anything, as long as we can have our tummy filled.

We passed by Molave, and almost all carenderia's we stopped by have nothing to offer except hard boiled eggs. We asked where we can have something to eat, they all pointed us to Mon's Grill in the town of Mahayag.
Mons Grill it is, when we got there, a number of vehicles were parked, praying that there are something left for us. Straight to the counter, aside from Halo-Halo they can only offer us breakfast meals like Chorizo Cebu and Pork Chop with Rice. We ordered pork chop with rice and we wait for about 30 minutes. Hungry but still excited what lies ahead, I got a packed of puto-flan from Mons Salubong corner, its a puto and leche flan in one, and in split the puto flan is gone. 

Browie saw almost every customer orders a halo-halo, so Mama asked me to order one so we can try it. Good thing that they served it right away, what makes it different from what Apareja's offers here in South Cotabato. Mon's Halo-Halo has a powdered milk in it, a twist that makes it a little different from other halo-halo we've tried.

And finally our orders arrive and in total silence, we eat and after a few minutes our plates were emptied. 

Tummies all filled-up, we are back on the road to Zamboanga del Norte and it starts to drizzle.