Travel Diary 2016: Breakfast and A Traffic Violation in Cotabato City

Arrived in Cotabato City at exactly 7:00 A.M. in time for breakfast. We wanted to go more local in the places we ate, but 7 A.M. was quite too early for local reastaurants to open. And the only choice left is our ever reliable fastfood joint, Jollibee.

After breakfast, we are back on the road. I did not bother looking at Google map as we try to get out of the city center, as we started seeing weird looks from pedestrians and cars coming our way. And we heard it, Mr. Traffic Enforcer, whistling and running after us. 
Funny, because of fear, we continued going around the whole block, until a group of enforcer were coming after us. When we stopped, we were all asking for some consideration as we are newbie in the city and that we did not see the one-way sign. They asked for the Lolo Boy's drivers license and saw that we are from South Cotabato, that we are getting direction from Google. After some explanation, they allow us to go and even give us the direction how to get out of the city center toward Pagadian highway.

It was an experience to remember, after more than 4 hours on the road. Another thing that made our Cotabato City stop memorable is finding Rio Grande de Mindanao. Browie wanted to see Rio Grande de Mindanao, because of his HEKASI class, but then X naman kami, when we told him that it was Rio Grande, until we cross another bridge, and Google map shows it to be the Rio Grande de Mindanao.
An hour around Cotabato City, but more than an hour of memories.