The Preparation for the November 2016 Road Trip

I loved doing all the nitty gritty stuff of travelling. Every road trips starts with finding the best and fastest route. For our South Central to Northern Mindanao road trip, Mr. Google gave us three options; via Isulan, Tacurong-Mamasapano and Bukidnon-Cagayan de Oro. A week prior, we opted to pass the Tacurong City via Mamasapano, but then an incident happened, that Mr. Google points us to take the Isulan-Cotabato City route.
 Born and raised in Mindanao, but I have to admit that I have some hesitations in planning our trip, much more that I am travelling with my whole family. But then, once bitten by the travel bug, not a single shot of any drug can calm those itchy feet from wandering.
Mama and Papa are diabetics, and to others travelling long distance is a problem, but with them, we just make sure that we have more than enough sugar source with us. And I always make sure that our time and stop-over allows us take our meals on time.
Food is a must for us, Browie calls it, his “energy burst.” And medicine is a must especially that we eat whatever the place offers. Mama would always ask the locals what delicacies they have, and being a foodie family we try and eat it. Antacid, Loperamide and Antihistamine are the three must have in our medicine kit.

Toiletries and Medicines

I got two ziplocked bags for my clothes for the 3 days road trip

Bag full of munchies, nuts and chocolates and crackers is a must for our parents

We also travel with just an old bitten map, but then with technology at hand, WAZE and GOOGLE MAPs help a lot. For finding a place to eat, we always ask the locals where to eat.

And the most important thing to bring with you in every road trip, an open mind and a thirst for adventure. With it, everything will turn out good and fun, no matter how many wrong turns you would take, it will always be FUN.