Sunday Family Lunch: Mesa Filipino Moderne

It's a Sunday and the 2nd Granny's day out lunch, minus Deo and Ryner. Thoughts for the moment, we sometimes get too busy with many other things and we failed to make the commitment we have to our family.
Days ago, I read somewhere that as a Christian, we should never say we are busy, because God gave us the time that is enough for all the things we need to do. It awakens me to the truth, that I become too comfortable with my "I AM BUSY" syndrome. It's the very reason why I went to go for another Granny's Lunch Out date minus the others. Lola's getting older by the day and the memories we can have with her is something that no amount of tears later can cover up for those moments that you could have made with her.
It was our second visit to Mesa, the first one was for Ate Nene's birthday more than a year ago. This time we had; Baked Scallops with Butter, Chicken Binakol, Patotim, Inihaw Sampler, Bagoong Rice and Calamasi Shake.