Gernil's Farm School for Practical Agriculture

It was an unofficial visit, hehe, unofficial in the sense that we did not made contact ahead of our visit. And the visit was a spur of the moment, because Ate Amy, Mama's friend from D.A. Head Office in Nueva Ecija came to visit us. With where near to go that is related to her field, we made a quick visit to Gernil's Farm.
Gernil's Farm School for Practical Agriculture is a privately owned farm in Bo.7 or Topland, Koronadal City. Had you watched AgriTayo by Ruben  Gonzaga in ABS-CBN Regional Network, Mr. Cordero, the owner of Gernil's Farm was featured not a long time ago.
The visit was very educational, especially now that I am learning more on how to develop a sustainable and organic farm. I was able to see how Mr. Cordero was able to integrate animal raising and plant and vegetable production. It would have been more educational had we came  with Mr. Cordero around.