Back in the Bukid

Farming is a noble proffession that sent my parents to school and was able to give the kind of life that we now enjoy. And to be back to how and where our whole family started is my way of saying THANK YOU to my Lolo Indo. It was my Lolo's bold decision, to farm the land of his father in Lunen, that gave us the kind  life we have now.
Four years ago, I tried developing the farm with my father, but then, I felt like I was not yet ready for this venture. Until things come into perspective, knowing its the right time to start. 
After more than a month, having Manong and Manang at the farm. We saw great changes in our goats and we are able to start  pasteur raising chicken. Around their bahay kubo, they started planting "sitaw," "upo" and alugbati.
All these makes me excited to visit the farm every weekend.
Last 2012

This 2016