General Santos City: Sunday Lunch at Gerry’s Grill

It’s another Sunday’s lunch, this time with Papa, Mama & Browie. Mama wants to buy  a new school bag & some short pants for Browie, and Sunday seems to be the only day that we can have the time to do it. Right after our Sunday Church service, we went to General Santos City despite the recent Davao City bombing, to which Papa initially did not agree with. But then, when it is for Browie, Papa will always have the ready YES.
Finding a place to have lunch is simple, eliminate all the restaurants we have eaten and THAT’s IT! But then, we almost tried every restaurant in Veranza, until Browie told me that Papa have not try Gerry’s Grill yet, hmmm, and so Gerry’s Grill IT IS! We first tried Gerry’s Grill backed in Cebu City about 7 years ago, not realizing that Browie remembers having lunch there without Papa.
Lunch for us; Crab Rice, Crispy Vegetable & Pork Pockets, Sizzling Shrimp Gambas, Sizzling Bangus Sisig & Nilagang Bulalo. Browie had Halo-Halo Jr. for dessert.
Sizzling Gambas

Crispy Vegetables Pockets

Crab Rice

Bangus Sisig

Gerry’s Grill is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Veranza Mall.