Browie Faces his Fear of Entering Shakey’s

Growing up, Shakey’s is a big thing for me. Mama Net and Ma’ Be used to treat me and Sissy to Shakey’s after Sunday church service. Nowadays, eating out with Browie becomes a tradition for me every time I make delivery to General Santos City.
Shakey’s at one time was a fear for Browie. The first time he attended a party held at Shakey’s, he was surprised to see CAPT. SHAKEY’s standing in front of him, big and strong, that he slowly moved back behind the line. And from then on he do not want to eat at Shakey’s, there was even a time that he would stand still seeing Jollibee and Ronald McDonalds when caught off guard. It was a fear for mascots that CAPT. SHAKEY’s experience got him.
Finally, after almost eating in all SM City General Santos Restaurants, I got him to eat at Shakey’s. For lunch we had; 3 pcs. Chicken and Mojo, Thin Crust Classic Cheese, Strawberry Yoghurt, Blueberry Yoghurt and a take-out of Thin Crust Belly Buster.
The food before us took away the fear of entering Shakey’s. I don’t know if the fear for mascots is gone, but I was happy to see my Browie enjoying a Shakey’s treat for him.


Shakey’s is located at the Ground Floor, SM General Santos Fountain Area.