Starting my Ornamental Plant Collections

Large open space, it's one of the many things that makes life in the province wonderfully beautiful. Growing up in a home where food and ornamental gardening is part of daily life, because of my agriculturist 'rents. Summers back then were spent; weeding the pechay & egglant patches, wrapping young ampalayas every morning and harvesting kalamansi.
Now, its my time to start a collection of my own. With a tremendous influence of a mother who spends hours potting her flowering and ornamental plants, I get to start it. In the recently concluded T'nalak festival, I bought two planting materials; a dwarf pomegranate and the other one that I forgot the name.

haha my pink polka dots medical socks really pops

This make life as a provincial lady beautiful, I get to beautify my surrounding with my new found passion. We produce our own vermicast, we a whole lot full of african night crawlers helping us in our biodegradable waste. Our potting soil is a good mix of vermicast, coco coir and goat poop from our farm goats.