Koronadal City: Watchamacoolit

Watchamacoolit! For a 90's baby like me its a chocolate that i used to buy witth my Sissy every after examination day, and its spelled whatchamacallit
Watchamacoolit is a cute discovery and experience for me, Browie and Miya. We went around T'nalak's "bahay kubo" that morning, only to find out later that Browie made his own plan of letting her Miya taste McCoy's Grill. And that same morning Browie had 3 stops of disappointments. First stop, McCoy's Grills was closed for T'nalak Food Avenue. Second stop, Balai Bistro opens at 2 P.M. and the third stop was Litehouse Burger near Aliance Church is Ababd Santos have moved out already. That was indeed an experience to remember for us. While we're at the old Litehouse location, a nice girl came out and we asked her for the new location of Litehouse Burger. And she was so nice to give us the instruction how to get to Watchamacoolit.
Watchamacoolit was located in  Upper Balmores St., Koronadal City. It is a a tea cafe that partnered with Litehouse burger. Despite the bad start of our foodie adventure, we were still in luck to learn that during our visit they got a T'nalak Promo; "Buy one get 50% off  on the 2nd purchase."  We had; Potato Cheesy Melt, Bacon Wrapped Burger, Juicy Lucy, Grape Fruit Juice and Kiwi Juice. What makes it super cool, is the colorful interior and the cute tables and chairs.