Koronadal City: Potato Madness

When Browie tells you that there is something new to try in KCC Marbel. The next grocery trip means trying it. Potato Madness is the newest food cart to open in the grocery area of KCC Mall of Marbel. It has an assortment of flavors and mixes of dips for the one and only, potato fries. Though we try to eat healthy lately, trying something new gives us new ideas on how to cook food.
We didn't have lunch after doing my grocery, so we went for a take out; Meat Balls Potato Fries and Cheesy Bacon Fries. When we got to the bus terminal, Browie ate his Cheesy Bacon and with its big servings we could not finish it. So we were able to share it with Mama, Papa and Ate Nene. The Meat Balls Potato Fries, is something I would go for again, because of the chunky tomatoes and the herds that go with its sauce.


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