Foodie Adventure in Mactan Cebu International Airport

In my recent Iloilo trip, going home to General Santos City gave me & Mama Dora a chance to step inside Cebu International Airport again. Left Iloilo around 5:30 in the morning and before 7:00, we were making our way around Mactan Cebu International Airport. With more than 3 hours to spare, first thing first and a must for a daugther traveling with a diabetic mother is BREAKFAST. As we enter the newly renovated Domestic Departure area, Zubuchon was calling us.
Made famous by Anthony Bourdain, Zubuchon became quite an icon when it comes to lechon Cebu. They offer a variety of breakfast meals, Mama had Bangus Sisig and I had the Lechon Flakes and two cups of coffee. We also bought a kilo of lechon and two packs of Chicharon. We opted to buy the unfrozen lechon that's being delivered daily at around 9:00. The sales lady even asked me the time of our flight, and instructed me that by 12 noon I have to refrigerate it.

After our hearty breakfast, I went around to look for something sweet to eat. Tablea Chocolate Cafe got me! I had fun choosing from their pralines that look too pretty to eat. I bought, chili mango, mango basil,coco choco and the other one I forgot the name. The pralines tasted really, really good, and I can taste the basil, chili and coconut in each bite.

Too pretty to eat.....

Finding and tasting good food makes waiting really fun. I am excited for my next trip and hoping for another fun foodie adventure at the airport.