Browie's 10th Birthday

He is a decade old now, but he will forever be our little baby Browie. For this year,  he again asked Mama & Papa for a beach birthday. All he want is to play and swim all night. It was raining hard all night, but Browie still enjoyed his birthday with the son of Papa's farm help and two of my Aurora's Kitchen angels. Browie's birthday always remind me of how to be grounded. He never asked to invite his classmates but chose to have kids from our farm and our farm workers. 
Browie's birthday celebration started right after picking him from school, after his periodic examination. I bought him two cakes from Red Ribbon; a mango cake and caramel cake. When we got home, he asked Ate Nene to put an apple on his lechon and blew his cake. I also made a jelly with sea critters gummy.
We had Browie's beach party at Susan's Beach, Tinoto, Maasim.After a whole night of rain, we were greeted with a foggy beach. Things start to get exciting when fishing boats came bringing with them tons of yellow fin tuna to be delivered to General Santos City Fishport.
I get to walked and looked for sea glasses, I first learned about it when I read it in my daily devotional. I found a green, brown and white, the most common of the sea glass colors. 

Ate Miya Bird leading a birthday prayer for her Itlog

Crispy Crablets Browie got from the beach, yes Susan's Beach got lots of crablets


  1. Wow... look at that roast pig!
    In Malaysia, we eat roast pig for certain Chinese cultural festivals too.

    1. hi LCKK! here in the Philippines roast pig or "lechon/litson" as we call it, is part of almost all our celebrations.


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