General Santos City: Hinalang 'Ta

Hinalang 'Ta is a place I can say local to General Santos City. Every time I visit a new place I always look forward for a place to eat that I can say local to that place. And I am so happy to share to you Hinalang 'Ta here in our very own General Santos City.
Seen it a number of times but then an opportunity to try it seems so slim, until Papa brought Mama, Browie and me to try hinalang. Browie at first was hesitant but when he finally got a taste of hinalang, he had to asked for my bowl after he finished his bowl. 
It is the place for locals looking for affordable and very tasty and hot bowl of hinalang. Hinalang is a  peppery balbakwa giving it its name, because of the "halang" of pepper. It was a happy lunch for us, because with 4 bowls of hinalang, a bowl of knukles, 4 lumpia, 4 rice, 4 cups of tapioca and a liter of softdrinks for a little over Php200.00.
Hinalang 'Ta is a perfect place to go this rainy season and it stays true to its tagline "Tilawi lang kay imu gyud balik balikan". The place we visited is located along the National Highway in General Santos City, between Phela Grande Convention and the bridge.