Back in Iloilo with Mama Dora

It was another unplanned trip back to Iloilo with Mama to attend Lolo Miguel's funeral. Grew up knowing how close my Mama Dora to her family in Iloilo. And it made college in Iloilo feels like we were at home, because of the love and support we get from Mama's relatives.
Even with a very short notice, Mama decided to go home for Lolo Miguel. It feels so good to be back and be with the people who made me feel special, especially those hugs and tears of Tito Biloy with his "nahidlaw gid ko sa imo Mai-Mai ba, abi ko indi ta ka na makita liwat." That's what I call family, distance and time will never keep us apart.
Me and Mama were also excited to visit relatives like Lola Zenaida and  reminisced the places and  food Iloilo offers.
Thanks to the afternoon schedule of Cebu Pacific, we get to be at Aurora's Kitchen in the morning

Lolo Miguel's wake at Tito Biloy's home

Nice to see Tita Fe's garden

Iloilo and its new infrastructures

A visit to Lola Zenaida in Jaro

Pasalubong shopping at Biscocho Haus, Jaro 

Another lunch at Freska

Bought Baye-Baye in Pavia