Something Browie Needs to Learn from Papa

Happy Father's Day! Ours will always be different every year. While Mama is the easiest to surprise, Papa is the opposite. I know he is happy eating out on Father's Day, but he will always and forever say, "sa bahay na lang tayo."
Each year needs to be unique and must have a different strategy of getting him to eat out for lunch. 
This year is quite unique, as me & Browie planned on asking Papa to teach him how to cook "dinuguan" or blood stew. Dinuguan is the very first dish aside of course from frying and roasting, that Sissy and I learned from Papa. Growing up, our Sunday's strarts in the kitchen either we're cooking "dinuguan" or adobo.
It's Browie's time and he is of age to learn his way around the kitchen. It was fun watching Browie learns how to cut the meat, prepare the pork's blood and cook the dinuguan with Papa's supervision.
Lunch at Tanoks was debated over, with me telling him that Mama was so hungry and Browie needs a haircut after. We were in Poblacion after the church service because we attended a funeral of our relative's granddaughter.
Tanok's is one of the homegrown chicken restaurant in Tupi. Raising chicken is one of the industry in our municipality, and so is the rise of chicken houses around. A visit to Tupi is not complete without tasting the chicken inasal. Tanok's is known for their dip, its one of my favorite dip, a perfect match for their chicken barbeque. Tanok's is located along the National Highway, Poblacion, Tupi, South Cotabato beside Tupi National Highschool.
Again, Happy Father's Day to our very own hero, Papa!