Davao City: Backyard Burgers

Burger is happiness! And I have been hearing from Sissy her Backyard Burgers' experience in Cebu. How she waited in line for hours just to have a taste of Davao's burger pride.
From our hotel, we walked under the scorching summer heat to have a bite of the infamous Backyard Burgers. Yes, been drooling over photos of those black sesame buns with its juicy, cheesy goodness for a while now. And now is the time.........

We came to pick our burger of choice. Sissy had the BB Garshroom Bacon Burger, Miya had BB Extra Cheesy Bacon Burger, Deo had the BB Cheeseburger Royale and I got the BB Extra Cheesy Burger. It was indeed a burst of happiness for us cousins, as we talk about anything under the sun that comes to mind as we wait for our orders. A good and memorable time to spent a day with each other. 
We visited the Backyard Burgers located in Elpidio Quirino Avenue, Inside Pards Compound, Frontinf ICOHNS. Barkyard Burgers stays true to its tag line, " Made the Way You Want It," because it was indeed the way I want my burger to be.