The 'Rents Now on Their 34th Year

Yup Mama & Papa just celebrated their 34th year of marriage. I may not be able to talk about how they survive the ups and downs of past 34 years. But I can surely talk about how they were as parents to us.
From day one to this very moment, our parents were our number one supporter to almost everything we do. Evident that on this very day of their wedding anniversary, they accompanied me to the entrance examination that I am about to take.
As an entrepreneur, they gave me their 101%. Papa would sometimes delivers order while Mama spends late nights with me cooking for orders and catering service.
The strength they have shown is beyond compare. Despite our failures, they never stop supporting our dreams. And we will forever be grateful for the kind of training they have taught us growing up. They showed us hands-on the value of hardwork. With that I can say, the Lord blessed us in so many ways. We may never had a hand to choose our parents but yet the Lord gave us the BEST.
On their 34th wedding anniversary, from Sultan Kudarat to Korondal City we  stopped along the National Highway in New Iloilo, Tantangan for lunch, at a newly opened Acacia Grill. Then Mama had a pottery shopping in San Felipe, Tantangan.
Comes dinner time, Browie and I made two heart shaped cheesecakes, one topped with  red cherries for Mama and the other topped with blueberries for Papa. Our celebration may not be grand, but we know we have a lifetime to show them how grateful we are that they were the parents God bless us with.
34th Anniversary Lunch

Lunch as simple as their Civil Wedding 34 years ago, and a reception over burgers and softdrinks

Browie our certified Master of Surprises