The First Week of May

I had a planner where I jot down my day to day activities. But I came up with an idea of capturing the highlights of my day. Weeks ago I have written about what's in your hand, that define our God given purpose. And as I collage the photos each day in the last seven days, I saw that indeed I tried to do what God handed in my hand.
May 1. Picked flowers from the garden and arranged the table for the family reunion of my paternal grandmother's family, the Morales-Mercado.
May 2. Be brave, that's what the first photo is about. Miya tried to extract Papa's tooth to no avail, but Browie was braved enough to let his Miya extract his tooth with just ice cubes as numbing agent. Evening was spent baking banana cakes order.

May 3. Woke-up early to cook maja blanca orders. Made polvoron for Aurora's Kitchen. Ate green tambis, first fruits from Mama's garden. Did "palengke" for lumpia ingredients. McDonalds snacks with the Browie, got to try the Smoked Cheeseburger. In the afternoon, visited Lolo Toto's wake in Sitio Lote, Cebuano, Tupi.

May 4. Prepared vegetable lumpia for Aurora's Kitchen. Prepared snacks for Mama, Papa and Browie of bread and boiled condensed milk. Attended Tita May's birthday in the evening, but I ended getting a surprise that night, Tito Dok gave me a bonsai varigated talisay.

May 5. Spent half of the day helping Mama with her garden. Afternoon snack of Naan for the family. Got my sample ballot for the May 9 presidential election.
May 6. Made polvoron for Aurora's Kitchen. A hearty breakfast of sweet and sour fish, ginataang gabi and blue rice. Did grocery with Mama. Had an on the go lunch of shawarma noodles. Afternoon was spent, writing minutes of the recent BOD meeting of the bank. Afternoon snacks for the family, vegetable samosa. In the evening, baked cupcake orders for the next day.
May 7. Up early to frost, glaze and top cupcake orders. Got my passport from DFA General Santos City. Treated Browie to a Sunburst Chicken lunch. Browie's wish granted, ride Mindanao Star bus. On our way to Lola Annie's birthday, passed by Duterte supporters getting ready for their caravan. 

Regardless of what each day brings, make it your goal to live in Christ Jesus. If you do this, your day will be great.