Mother's Day 2016

Mother's day will always be a special day. Planning for this day always starts with what will make our Mama Dora happy. And Browie will always remind me that Mama got lots of shoes, dresses and bags, the only gift that will Mama happy, plants. So taking that reminder, plant shopping is a must on this special day.
This year started the moment Mama turned to got up from bed, me and Browie hugged and kissed her. Browie then gave Mama our simple homemade card. I tell you nothing beats writing card to our mothers. While she do her morning gardening, we prepared a fruit smoothie, banana-pineapple with greens from her garden. 

After breakfast, we attended a  bible service and funeral of Lolo Toto, the last of seven sons of Sotero Nolasco. The funeral got Mama teary-eyed, when they called my father to give his words about Lolo Toto. It hits Mama with how they introduced Papa, with Tito Virgil's word " si Kuya Ronnie gid ang example ni Tatay, na himuon namun siya nga modelo sa amon pangabuhi." That would have been a best Mother's Day gift to Lola Auring had we brought her with us at the funeral.

After the funeral we went to House of Cashew for lunch. I made reservation 2 days prior our lunch. While we were having lunch, Browie told Mama that after this, there is a second surprise that I tried to deny.

From our lunch we went home in Crossing Rubber, but instead of turning to our street we went directly to Dok Mariano's Ornamental Plants, owned by Tito Dok and Tita May Mariano, Papa's cousin. There Mama had her plant shopping, I already reserved a pot or cardboard plant, and the rest of her money can go to her choice of plants.

Stingray, Tita May's gift

Foxtail Plant

Cardboard Plant

Back home we gave Lola Auring her Mother's Day snacks, a lumpiang sariwa from House of Cashew.

Dinner is the time we had for Lola, a homemade dinner. I prepared a garden salad with cashew. Had conversation and we ended the day all smiling, knowing we made the person who carried us for 9 months and even  risk their life for us happy.