Metro Manila: A Day at SM Aura

Braved the early morning traffic from Pampanga, we then went straight to Greenhills for Mama Nette's pasalubong shopping. Then we're backed on the road for more traffic to get to SM Aura.

We get to SM Aura just in time for lunch. And being a first time visitor, I do not have any idea where and what restaurant to choose. We explore a little, until we reach the open top floor, there are coffee shops, restaurants, a garden with arts scupture, a fountain area and a chapel. After a few minutes of walking around, we were not able to choose where to eat. I suggested going to the foodcourt, there we can go around each stall and we can choose what we want to eat.
When we got to the foodcourt, me adn Miya chose Brasas, while others had Pepper Steak and Teppanyaki. Our Brasas lunch includes;  Puerto Platter, Pollo ala Brasas Platter, Carne Fries and Latin Iced Tea. Their servings were big, that after our Latin American lunch, we were so fu
After lunch we were off to more window shopping and finding a Nike store for Miya's pasalubong. Tired from walking we found Bono Gelato at the Ground Floor. Though we wanted to try Baskin' Robbins, we opted for Bono Gelato. Miya had the classic flavor of Vanilla while I went to try the Butterbeer.
A day in SM Aura, tiring but fun, I wanted to try some restaurants that is not yet available here in Mindanao, but we need to go. We again, braved Metro Manila's traffic to go to Multi-National Subdivision in Paranaque, where we stayed for a night, before going home the next day.