It's All About the FOOD

It's been two months now since my Pampanga trip, and still on the process of losing all those stored fats I gained over the five days trip. Food is an essential part of my travels. My recent trip even took me to a ala-Amazing Race challenge to going around Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga. Here's a quick review of my foodie trip.
Taste n' See Toasted Pastillas
Tasted. I've searched online for this and finally I saw packs of toasted pastillas in a pasalubong center we stopped by on our way to Floridablanca. Miya love anything pastillas, but for me, it was too sweet for my taste.

Yema Palitaw
It's a winner for me. The sweetness of the yema balances with the glutinous rice and grated coconut.

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan
The best buko pandan I have ever tasted. Can't think of the right words to describe how I loved it. We had it after our Korean Buffet dinner, making a perfect ending to a late and hard to find dinner.
CJ Custaroons
It's Sissy's special request. It is a custard and macaroons rolled into one. 

It's one of the two requests of Sissy that we shipped to Cebu. Bought a box of this special cinnamon rolls in Greenhills Shopping Center. It is a cinnamon roll with a variety of toppings and glazes.
On our way to Manila we passed by Rosalie's in Bulacan for more pasalubong. Their specialty, suman. But what makes Rosalie a must stop, its story of sucess that will serve as an inspiration for a budding entrepreneur like me.