General Santos City: Yakimix

Where do foodie family go? Yakimix is newest family fave buffet restaurant in General Santos City. Yakimix opened more than two years ago, but it was just during Mama Nette's vacation that we entered the doors of this buffet restaurant. 
It was a Sunday on our first visit and with almost all restaurants in Veranza full with customers. Yakimix is the only option where we can eat right away. I was with Browie on that first visit, and being a sweet son, he asked me if we can bring Mama and Papa next time so they can also try Yakimix buffet.

And that next time did not came too long. Papa and Browie fetched Sissy from the airport, while me and Mama went ahead to make our reservation at Yakimix. Our second visit is my treat to our family for the extra bucks I earned from my "patabaing baka." "Patabaing baka"or fattening of cattles for slaughter is one of the many IGP (income generating project) here in the province. I started this project back when I am still working as Program Manager in Sarangani Province, started with 1 female cattle in the amount equivalent to half of my monthly salary. After almost a decade, Ate Liza, the one taking care of the cattles was able to sell about 5 cattles. Putting your extra income to it provides a greater profit than saving in the bank.

And the third visit came, as a bribe for Browie. It was a secret why he got a Sunday lunch in Yakimix as a prize from Mama. We are just happy that we were part of his prize.

Yakimix is a food haven for our foodie family. My favorite is the variety of desserts to choose from. Sissy on the other hand loves the meat for grilling. Mama loves the fried mantao drizzled with condensed milk. Papa's favorite is the steamed chicken feet. And Browie's favorite, the variety of makis and the unlimited ice cream.
Yakimix is located at the Ground Floor of Veranza General Santos City.