What's in Your Hand?

God's mighty power was all over me this morning. As I read my daily devotions for busy women, todays word struck me.
In the past days, I pray for wisdom in the choices I will be making in the coming days. And at this point, we are most susciptible to temptation and we fail to see God's plan for us.
Until this morning, God answered my prayer. Like Moses, when he doubted his abilities to lead the Israelites. God asked him. "what's in your hand." "A staff," he answered.
"Use it," said God. (Exodus 4:2)
We have it in our hand. I have it my hand. I just have to use it.
Yes Lord! I have it and I thank you for letting me see what I got.

 Now that God shows me what I got. May I be able to bless others with what I got in my hands.