Sarangani: That Beach.........

White sand, picturesque sunset and varying shades of blue waters. Nothing can rival the beauty of Gumasa beaches in Sarangani. And as a Mindanaon, I love to share how beautiful Mindanao is. But then I just cannot close my eyes to the negative things that comes with, especially those that I know we can still change and improve.

Read a lot of negative reviews about some resorts in Gumasa. And with those information, I chose the one that is quite better than the other two. I been to these resorts a million times, but then, the kindness we once experienced was gone.
We were backed in Gumasa to bring around family friends from Pampanga. I keep telling them that our beaches can rival that of Boracay. Never had I expected that what I read online is the reality on these three beach resorts. We made reservation on the middle resort, because I knew they have the most beautiful beach front, with long stretch of fine, white sand. The reservation in itself was difficult, we can only made reservation if we pay over the counter or went straight to their office in General Santos City. We chose the latter, even if it means going to Gen. San. then go back to Tupi and be back again in the evening for the overnight stay in Gumasa.
I do respect the rules and we need that to protect the investments they made on the resort. We choose to stay in a big cottage to which according to them can accommodate up to 10-12 persons. It has two bedrooms with, each bedroom has three single beds and  a double deck bed.

We arrived at the resort past 8:00 P.M. and we stayed a little longer at the information, because we were 16 instead of what was written in our reservation sheet, the other two were drivers of the 16. Yes, we respect that we have to follow what was in the reservation contract, but then we do have that tendency in changing our numbers because at times there are those who will decide at the last minutes. Willing to pay for the extra four but then they will not allow us because there are 4 extra persons and we must take another room. We tried explaining to them that the two were drivers and we have been travelling for a time around our country and most of the resorts we stayed in they give the drivers free of charge. It was ok if they charge us with extra 4 persons, but it was still a big NO from them, we need to take an extra room. 
TIRED and HUNGRY. Thinking about our four guest who were patiently waiting for us to get checked in. We said ok will get another room just so we can settle and rest. And VIOLA, the closed cottage we got were so spacious enough to accommodate more than 20 persons. But then, we settled in just to get the much needed rest, the very reason why we took beach trips.
Its a call, be more accommodating to your guests. Visitors come to experience the beauty of Gumasa is blessed with and please be the added beauty your Gumasa. Back then, while working in the office of the Governor of Sarangani, I did not experience any of these, please do not be selective to whom you give that kindness and courtesy that you got. Sarangani Bay fest and Mahin Festival is around the corner, SUMMER is here, guests may come from somewhere TIRED, being in hospitality industry, be HOSPITABLE.