Pampanga:Bale Capampangan

The best way to introduce your city is through the food it offers. That was what we exactly experienced in San Fernando, Pampanga. After 5 hours of braving through Metro Manila's traffic, finally we reached our destination around 8:00 in the evening.
Hungry and tired, our host, Tita Vangie ushered us to Bale Capampangan for dinner. Bale Capampangan, did not failed my expectant palate, Kapampangan's cuisine being considered as one of the best in the Philippines. Bale Capampangan offers a wide array of food from the exotic to modern cuisne. The buffet is presented on top of a jar, to which according to Bale Campampangan website's, were due to the owners advocacy of promote Capampangan culture. Some of the unique taste I had were the; adodong itlog and burong hito. Was not able to take a lot of photos because I went straight to the buffet to get a taste of Bale Campampangan food.