Pampanga: Angeles City, More than Finding a Place to Eat.

It's on the evening of our Zambales trip. After an ala Amazing Race run looking for that custaroons in Marquee Mall, we were all hungry. Our last meal was the early lunch we had at Mang Kiko's place.
With the help of Mr. Waze , we started navigating for the first food place, 19 Kupong-Kupong. Well, its a discreet place, that has bahay kubo inside and staff dressed in Filipiniana com Katiponero/Guardia Civil. haha sorry for the description but that's how they look. We took a table, first thing I noticed were foreign men with young Pinays, and the Gabriel Silang in me grrrrr. I went to the toilet and BOOM, I have eavesdropped into a conversation of two young girls, talking about just taking in the situation she's in because she badly needed the money. Hearing that, I wanted to get out of the cubicle and talk to them, talk to them that there are other ways to find money, a better way. But then I was again overcome by fear, that they would disagree with me. I went out of the toilet just in time our group were standing and about to leave the place.
I felt bad after that, I have not done the assignment our Father asked us to do. Then we continue looking for another food place, a pizza place that we never found where.
Tita Vangie continued driving around Angeles City, passing through the red light districts then we came upon a street full of Korean restaurants. Yup, its a buzz in Angeles City, Korean stores, farms, schools, churches and restaurants. Finally we found a place to eat, a Korean buffet restaurant that I forgot the name.

Travel Date: February 29, 2016