Metro Manila's Traffic

That feeling of being unproductive as you wait for hours to get from point A to point B. But what about 5 hours? Here in the "probinsya," I can do my groceries, write minutes of the recent board meeting while I bake cupcakes for Aurora's Kitchen.
In my recent Pampanga trip, the provincial lady in me need to keep my cool as we brave our way Manila's famous traffic. It's a must, to experience it, while in Metro Manila. Unlike others, I cannot blame it to the officials, being the government the discipline must come from us. Metro Manila's traffic is not a result of the "now," but those decisions made years ago, the failure to foresee that traffic congestion will happen.

Metro Manila's traffic taught me patience and humility. Be patient enough to wait for the car to move a little. And be humble to let others get your lane just so you can avoid accident that can cause more congestion. But can I have these attitudes everyday, had I lived in this city? I don't know.
Experiencing it, made me feel blessed that I live in the southern most part of mainland Mindanao, South Cotabato. It is a blessing to be a provincial lady.