"Golden Watermelon" on our way to Bataan

On our way to Pilar, Bataan, I saw those pile of round and golden fruit or vegetables. Kuya Roewen promised me to stop by when we get back. Curiosity stirs in, every time I get to see something new for the first time and I am always ready to try anyting new. And so I asked, thinking it was those pumpkin I used to see on television during halloween makes me giddy. But then Manang Tindera told us, its a new variety of watermelon from Taiwan.

Further searches online lead me to what 2013 called the Watermelon of the Year, the Golden Midget. Back here in Mindanao I have not seen a Golden Midget. The golden watermelon is like any other watermelon that when you sliced it, you will have those juicy red flesh. Believe me when you see those golden fruits on the road side, you'll be very curious just like me when you are seeing it for the first time.
I finally got to try it the next day in Gua-Gua, during the fiesta of Sto.Nino, as part of the fruits buffet served by the Manalang Family.