Fiesta of Sto. Nino in Gua-Gua, Pampanga

I have to say, I invited myself to the fiesta. By doing all of Mama Nette's ticket bookings, I had all my schedules sync with hers, and asked her if I can come to Pampanga with her.
Yes, I get to experience what a fiesta should be once again. For years now I longed for the fiesta that we used to celebrate growing up in Crossing Rubber, Tupi, the home of Ati-Atihan here in South Cotabato.
Up early to join the Manalang's in one of the fiesta mass offered by Tita Vangie. After the mass we went straight to the Manalang's house right across the public market of Gua-Gua. There, families from their maternal and paternal sides came. This is what a  FIESTA should be. Even relatives from Metro Manila came to celebrate, for Tito Eddie's they(siblings) all go home from the US.
get to be with the teenies and twenies' table.......YES!

And just as evening comes, there is procession of the images of Sto. Nino owned by families around their barangay. To make it more festive each image comes with a music band, and owners of the images give candies to children as they pass. And the last hurray of the night is a fireworks display that keep everyone in awe, looking at the evening sky.

As I look up the sky, I say a little prayer, thanking my Father in Heaven, for letting me experience it.