Davao del Sur: Mt. Apo Highland Resort now Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside

Mt. Apo Highland Resort is our next stop. As it was pointed to us, Mt. Apo Highland Resort is just a few meters away from Kublai Art Garden, perched on a hill with pine trees. And zoom, with Hot Daniel's power, up we went to the steep and narrow road until we reach the highest point of the supposed Mt. Apo Highland Resort.
I got of the car and asked if its the Mt. Apo Highland Resort, and Manong was quick to say yes, but then I started to read signs around, "off-limits" and "outsiders not allowed.' Hmmm, if it's a resort, then why everywhere I go, I am not allowed to get into and where is the lake, the lake that mirrors Mt. Apo? Then there was the call, Mama Nette informed me that they were stopped by the restaurant, no vehicles are allowed on top of the hill.
Fortunate accidents do happen, and we just have to make the most of it. I did, on top of the hill, we get the see the civet cats that poops one of the most expensive coffee in the word. 
At the restaurant, we learned that Mt. Apo Highland Resort has two resorts, the Hillside, where they produce the Mt. Apo Civet Coffee. Despite breaking the resort's rules the manager was gracious enough to give us free coffee after we bought four packs of roasted coffee. Around the restaurant area, they grow strawberry, but the strawberry fruits were not as plump as Baguio strawberry.

The second resort is Lake Mirror, located right after the barangay center. During our visit, it was cloudy, we didn't get to see clearly how Mt. Apo mirrors at the lake. We did not explore lake mirror, we just took photos of the lake, and went down Kapatagan for another 3 hours drive home.

Mt. Apo Highland Resort was the old name, and so the confusion of having two Mt. Apo Higland Resort. The new name of the resort will give a better idea of what to expect of the resort, its Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside.