Browie's Fast and Simple Celebration

Looking at Mama & Papa, I saw pride and happiness on their faces, as we celebrate Browie's 14th honor. Being our one and only little Browie, he never fails to suprise us with his achievements. Being the 14th honor and one of the 3 boys to be part of their class of 32's Top 15 is worth celebrating.
Being the "ate," I love treating my siblings, because their achievements is my achievement as well, our family's achievement. After Browie's recognition, we went to KCC Mall, had a Greenwich Pizza take-out, a bucket of 8 pieces Jollibee fried chicken, making it fast, hehe. And I did a quick grocery of 1 gallon of ice cream and a 1.5 liter of softdrink.
While I was arranging our simple afternoon "salu-salu" at home, Browie  said, "it's the happiest day ever!" Well it made Ate Mai's happiest day as well.