Bataan: Pamangan Ima Flora

Located right at the intersection of Pilar, Bataan is this eatery that became a perfect stop for travelers. Pamangan Ima Flora is pinoy eatery where you order your food by pointing to it, "turo-turo."
Lunch we ordered; fresh lumpia, fried lumpia, sisig, puso ng saging, lechon kawali and tofu salad.
Sisig of Pamangan Ima Flora has a sweet taste which is far from the sisigs I tasted around Pampanga. Another must try is the tofu salad. It is something new for me, it tastes like potato salad, but instead of potato it has tofu in it.
Pamangan Ima Flora is perfect stop for a tummy fill while in Bataan.

quirky trinkets around the eatery

tofu salad and sisig in front of me