Samal Island: Haguimit Falls and Maxima Aqua Fun

Arriving in Samal by mid-afternoon, our group decided to start our tour around Samal Island, after checking in at La Vida Orchard. Armed with a map I got from Sir Nino of La Vida, we drive directly to the town of Penaplata. 
Haguimit Falls is located about 600 meters from the Circumferential Road, before entering the rough road to Haguimit, there is post located by the main road where visitors pay an eviromental fee to LGU. When we got to the falls, I was a bit surprise to learn that there are a number of private resorts that provide entrance to the falls. I feel a little sadness within me, how commercialism can took over our country's beautiful sights. Entrance fees of these private operators were higher than what we paid for the enviromental fee to the LGU. Since we were already there, we did pay the entrance, but then I came to see a waterfalls littered with plastics and liquor bottles. I knew from photographs that Haguimit Falls is beautiful. But I hope that Samal Island can preserve the beauty that the island  is blessed with.

Maxima Aqua Fun is our next stop, junction road to Maxima Aqua Fun, is right across to where we enter the road to Haguimit Falls from the Circumferential Road. It was past 4:00 P.M. when we got to the resort, and ride operation ends  by 5:00 P.M. We were lucky enough that we get to meet a wonderful staff of Johnny's Ride, who allowed us to experience the Johnny's Ride. Johnny's Ride is a cable ride that goes down to the beach area. We were grateful to the Johnny's Ride operator that day, he was kind enough to tell us that paying for a whole package of activities will not be fair on our part since we can no longer experience it because of the time constraint. To you Kuya our group will forever be grateful.