Samal Island: Aznebo Grill and Restaurant

Sharing our Aznebo Grill and Restaurant dinner is something I get most excited about our Samal Island adventure. First, we found this place upon the recommendation of Manong from Monfort bat sanctuary. And secondly, it is a homegrown restuarant, that I find to be a must when visiting a place.
When we got to Aznebo Grill, we were the only group eating out that night. Dinner that night; Seafood Bilao, Mixed Bilao, Crispy Pata and Seafood Pansit.
The food taste good like a home cooked meal and very filling. And the servings were big enough for a group of "gutom adventurers."
Aznebo Grill and Restaurant is located at Villarica St, Babak District, Samal Island.

Eyebags....the look tells it all