Our Noche Buena 2015

Our family's noche buena last Christmas was an adventure, a perfect mixed of our love for food and travel. We all love to cook and with Browie around, Ates, all three of us has to be ready for the the menu he will eventually request for.
I got lucky around Christmas day that orders were not as busy as it was a year before. So I get to concentrate on the menu I am asked/ordered to make.
Noche Buena for our family means food. Food we want to try for the first time, food that we do not usually cooked in Aurora's Kitchen.
It was an adventure, we had; Pad Thai , Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Chicken Papiara, Hamon, Suman sa Lihiya, Claypot Rice & Strawberry Shortcake. 

Strawberry Halves given by Tito Jonathan

Making my strawberry shorcake (sharing the recipe soon)

Suman sa Lihiya

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Pad thai

Chicken Papiara

Browie's most awaited part of Christmas

Claypot Rice

with Lola Auring

Christmas for our family means spending Noche Buena with the whole family. And on Christmas day, it's for our workers in the farm and Aurora's Kitchen, our extended family.