2015 has been a good year for me. Get to explore all 4 provinces of Panay Island during the 2nd quarter of the year. As the new school year opened in June, Aurora’s Kitchen survived the competition,   as 3 more eateries open. Aurora’s Kitchen remains strong, but the challenge of staying up is high, as more and new establishments continue to try the waters of eatery business in SEAIT area.
The middle of the year opens a new opportunity for me, as part of my personal and professional growth, I got to see the path I am headed. Rural Bank of Alabel, Inc., asked me to be part of the Executive Board as the new Corporate Secretary. With the new task, I remembered that growing up, while taking BS Management in UP Visayas, I imagined myself being a part of the company my father have started. As RBAI enters its 20th year in the banking industry, more opportunity for growth comes in, to which I vowed to help and support.
The last quarter of the year is all about my personal finances, as I made a great leap by investing in Peso Manulife Affluence Builder. By November, Aurora's Kitchen celebrated its 2nd year anniversary.
As I look back, I saw how I grow as a person. And I want that through this blog I can inspire more young lady out there to follow their dreams. 2015 was a year when I got to enjoyed the things I loved to do. Living outside the big city is great and that opportunities abound in the province.
I want to usher the new year with the inspiration I can do to others. That life in our province South Cotabato, is better than living in the urban jungle called Manila. As I take my blog from being just a travel and food blog to a lifestyle blog, where I will be sharing more of the provincial life we have. I want others to see that we may live in a geographically provincial location, but we can live our life like a lady.

Welcome to the PROVINCIAL LADY.

The PROVINCIAL LADY will still be a lady who loves to wander around; explores new places and tries new food places. She will take you with her as she braves life challenges and enjoys every opportunity that comes in the province.