Mai Finds: Cocio Dark Chocolate Milk

Cocio Dark Chocolate Drink, caught my attention during one of my grocery time. I bought to bottles, for Php 62.50 per bottle. When I got home, I tried it right away, wow, it's real dark chocolate. It tastes close to our tablea, making it the real chocolate.
According to Mr. Google; "Cocio is a chocolate milk drink produced in EsbjergDenmark. While not a staple in Danish culture, Cocio is a well-known product to Danes, often consumed on the street with a sausage (mostly a hot dog)."
Well I haven't tried pairing it with suasage yet, but it has been a blast to my little Browie's taste. Grocery time is Cocio time for him.
It is quite on the expensive side compared to our local chocolate drinks we are used to, but knowing that it is UTZ certified, made it worthy of the price we pay.
Growing up in a family of farmers, UTZ certification provides a better future to our farmer. Cocio may not be Philippine made but it can help farmers in a global scale.