Catching Up with Miya

It's been a while since the last time I got to talk and catch up with Miya. Finally I get to have a day with her, our Miya Bird, my second sister, my travel & food buddy, my photographer and most of all someone I look up to when it comes to serving God.
A lot have change, we all grow up and became the person we want to be, but being an ATE will forever be a role I will lovingly take. As I spend a day with her, I am an Ate who is willing to listen and will always be ready to support her dreams and aspirations. 
After a few hours of window shopping, we decided to have our lunch at Max's Restaurant. We had; Halo-Halo, Half Spring Chicken and Tapa Meal. Miya loves the Tapa Meal, the tapa was so tender with a hint of sweetness in it.
We ended our day with our shared passion, READING. Spend an hour inside  National Book Store, looking for books is so relaxing and fun.


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