Isulan: Carlito's Chicken

The family is back on the road, and we are off to visit our former pastor and family friend Pastora Letty in D'Lontilla, Esparanza, Sultan Kudarat. Pastora Letty asked us to meet her in Isulan, before going to her house in Brgy. D'Lontilla. Isulan is a first class municipality and part of the province of Sultan Kudarat. 
After meeting with Pstr. Letty, she insisted that we take some snacks before heading to their home. And so, we went to Carlito's Chicken.
Carlito's Chicken is "the place" in Isulan, based on my observation, customers keep on coming, as tables continue to be filled by the minute it gets cleared. We were supposed to order a light snacks, but then, as the name suggest, Carlito's Chicken, we have to try their litson manok. We had litson manok, sotanghon with toasted bread and Browie had mango shake.

Carlito's Chicken is located along the National Highway before reaching Isulan's public market. If you are in Isulan looking for a place to eat, Carlito's Chicken can be the place to satisfy your hungry tummy.


  1. do they offer burger

    1. hi, I am not sure if they have burgers on their menu but they do have snacks choices.


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