Tita Vangie's Cake; Our Version of Metro Manila's Estrel's Cake

My current favorite, Tita Vangie's Caramel Cake
Metro Manila has Estrel's Cake, also known as "the artista cake," a chiffon cake covered with a caramel icing. And at home we got Tita Vangie's cake. In all our special occasions, we got to have Tita Vangie's Cake.
Tita Vangie's cakes are born out of passion for baking, and through years of practice and experiment and continuous training, she is able to develop a yummy variety of cakes.
Caramel and Mango Cakes for T'boli Pawnshop's Meeting
The Caramel Cake is the star for me. I have not tried Estrel's Cakes, but I can say that Tita Vangie's Caramel Cake is beyond comparison. I love how the caramel frosting did not overpower the cake and it gives a good balance of sweetness to it. 
Tita Vangie's cake is a "sulit cake." Looking at it, one can say that; you got what you have paid for. Aesthetically, WOW! I have this thing of not slicing the part of those beautiful buttercream flowers. 
Tita Ming's Cake on her birthday; Tres Leches w/ Meringue Icing, Butter Cake w/ Buttercream Icing & The Caramel Cake
For those who want a piece of Tita Vangie's cakes you can drop by her house. A discreet looking house beside Dok Mariano's Ornamental Plants in Brgy. Crossing Rubber, Tupi, South Cotabato. All her cakes as of now, are all by order basis.