Koronadal City: Spice Island

It was another Ates' day with the school boys. Food means bond, that what keeps us together, and it can connect us with the younger ones in the family. 
Fetched Browie from school after his 2nd Mastery examination, texted Kuya Deo to join us for lunch at Spice Island.
Spice Island is an Indian-Thai restaurant in Koronadal City. It's my 2nd visit to the place and I can say that their food is the closest one can have a taste of the Indian -Thai cuisine. I love Indian-Thai food, the richness of spices give a certain vibe in it.
We ordered; Chicken Biryani, Pad Thai, Grilled Chicken, Naan and Chicken Satay. I highly recommend their Biryani, they uses long grained Basmati rice and you can taste and see the spices that it got. Browie on the other loves the Naan, being a Roti Paratha eater, it means that Spice Island's Naan passes his taste.Sissy had the Pad Thai, while Deo got to finish everything. He may not have loved how it smiles but he finished everything we ordered, saying, "namit man ang lasa gali 'te."
Pad Thai

Basmati Rice

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Satay


w/ Browie

Sissy with Kuya Deo

Want to try or you crave for something spicy while in Koronadal City. Visit Spice Island in Alunan Avenue, just across DPWH.