Hosting a Meeting at Home

It is T'boli Pawnshop's regular bi-monthly meeting and our home is the venue for this month. Back in the days, scheduled meetings for the pawnshop at home is our "tago days," that is for being extremely shy. 
Gone are the days of hiding, these days, it has always been my role, to do and plan all the nitty gritty that comes with hosting a meeting.
I start with planning for the food to be served on the day of the meeting. Hosting a group of "oldies," SORRY, needs a little pampering. Food must be taken in a healthier side. For the food I chose to start with some Blue Ternate Tea with Kalamansi. I prepared freshly picked from Mama's garden Passion Fruit Basil Juice, Eggplant Spaghetti w/ Malunggay Pasta, Apple Chicken Lanzones Canapes, Malagkit na Mais Suman. And I ordered cakes from my Tita Vangie; D'Artista Cake and Mango Cream Cake.
Freshly picked Blue Ternate Flowers
Passion Fruit Basil Juice

Caramel Cake and Mango Cake

Apple Chicken Lanzoces Canapes
Eggplant Spaghetti with Malunggay Pasta
After the food is done, the place where to have the meeting is next on my list. A day before the meeting, I chose ornamental plants in Mama's Garden to be taken inside the house. And TADAH......

Hosting a meeting these days is something I look forward to. I get to be acquainted to the world Mama and Papa has prepared for us. And I get to showcase some of the my creations and the recipes I been wanting to try on with the twist I wanted to introduce in.
I will be sharing my Passion Fruit Basil Juice and Apple Chicken Lanzones Canapes in my coming posts.