Best Beautiful

After I received Olay and Belle de Jour special gift for being a Bella, I got so excited to share with you how I LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. I get to go through my daily task for the whole week with the help of my Belle de Jour Power Planner. And as I start my week, I started using Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream, making my whole week, feeling more beautiful.
Here is a glimpse of a week in my life. Olay Total Effects has always been a part of my daily beauty regimen, and receiving it for free with Olay Body Wash makes my daily regimen more exciting.

Sunday is full as I got up super early to prepare for Sunday Church service with family. Before leaving prepared the marinated chicken and gravy for the Children's Sunday. In the afternoon, I baked 60 pieces of coconut macaroons for Aurora's Kitchen the next day. It is another day of "gift", as I got the two tier cake stand from Tita Tata.
Monday is the start of another week in  Aurora's Kitchen. My morning starts with Millennium roll making, then prepared to go to Aurora's Kitchen. Got home early and took some time to relax with my Secret Garden coloring book. It was a rainy evening, and cooked Chicken and Soda Casserole for dinner  

Tuesday started with making pastillas de leche. Then a "binignit" in Aurora's Kitchen. In the afternoon, I got to watched and be inspired with Temple Grandin life story. Later in the evening I get to do a little accounting of Aurora's Kitchen.
Wednesday is one of the many FULL days. Got up around 3:00 A.M. to write BOD resolutions for RBAI. Then have my whole morning washing plates and glasses in Aurora's Kitchen, one of my staff is absent due to sore eyes. After lunch I went with Mama & Papa to visit Lolo Maning at Koronadal Doctor's Hospital. Had my groceries, bought LPG, went through the rain to buy kamote. At home prepared lumpia wrapper, did accounting for AK, prepared roasted flour for polvoron,and before I get to bed I did a little coloring.
Thursday. Prepared Browie's breakfast, made lumpiang ubod, manned Aurora's Kitchen.My afternoon was spent making pastillas de leche and another batch of lumpia for the following day.
Friday is the fullest day of all. Up early to prepare the passion fruit sauce for lumpiang ubod, finish wrapping the lumpia. Before going to Aurora's Kitchen, helped Mama & Papa harvest cauliflower. Manned Aurora's Kitchen until 1:00 P.M.. By 1:30, in for the monthly BOD meeting of Rural Bank of Alabel Incorporated with Papa, as I not sits a the Corporate Secretary. After the meeting did groceries at Gaisano Polomolok for Lolo Maning's wake. Bought Browie's Dunkin Donut as pasalubong. And before leaving for the evening vigil I get to squeezed in some accounting for Aurora's Kitchen.
Saturday. Wide awake at 4:00 A.M. to prepare the day's order of snacks and lunch for Tupi Integrated Agricultural Cooperative's meeting. Get to be the opener for Aurora's Kitchen. After lunch time, went to Koronadal City with little Browie, had our late lunch at Mang Inasal, then went to do my groceries. Got home and took an afternoon nap, then get ready again for another night of vigil at Lolo Maning's wake.

Living our life to the fullest is the greatest HONOR we can give our CREATOR in HEAVEN. Every thing was made possible with the help of the planner that get to highlight my most important task for each day, and a beauty partner that made me worry free.