Dok Jeny's Birthday at The Farm Carpenter Hills

Doc Jeny is the on-call Veterinarian of our batch. Our go to Dokie for our pets, we can have our consultations through text. A super dedicated animal doctor and  one of the easiest person to be with, celebrated her 23rd birthday,hmmmm, at The Farm.
The Farm is a "slashie;"farm/restaurant/hotel/convention and events place within Koronadal City. Located along National Highway, Brgy. Carpenter Hills, Koronadal City.

The birthday girl reserved the Safari Room for her celebration. Friends from her dog club and our batch joined with her family for a Sunday birthday lunch. Jennifer made her a super cute dog cake and cupcakes. Birthdays will always be a great time to be with friends and Jeny's birthday made us connect again after more than 15 years since we graduated high school.