Bubble's Spice Island Birthday Dinner

It is an advance birthday of Bubbles, and very timely that Mama is having a retirement party that same night, so I get to have a free ride.

Spice Island is one of the new additions to Koronadal City's food places. And as far as I know, the first Indian-Thai restaurant. It is owned and managed by our high school friend Analee Santos.

Bubble's birthday dinner also includes dishes from Pantatan's take-out corner. Patatan is a family owned resort/restaurant by the Gaturian's of Banga and our good friend Jennifer Gaturian - Lastimosa manages it.

It is a night full of chit chats and laughter. Melissa brought the star of our table a cute puppy cake with a tongue out from Mix n' Magic. As we continue with our dinner, I realized that we may have age but we all still got the child in us with a much wiser fun.

Both Spice Island and Pantatan is located in Alunan Avenue across DPWH.