The Joy of Giving! Kablon Outreach 5th Anniversary

Last July 19, 2015, Kablon Outreach Church celebrated its 5th anniversary, and members of Tupi Main Church attended. We all enjoyed the long, tiring walk to Sitio San Jose, where the Church is located.
The community of San Jose holds a very special place in my heart, this is where I celebrated my 28th birthday years ago, hmmmm. It is a place that reminded me of how blessed as I am as a person. It is where my heart wants to give inspiration especially to children who wants to dream big. And most of all this is where I can give back to my Father in Heaven how grateful I am for everything.
The last visit I had is more than two years ago, and a lot have changed. But the best changes I heard is to hear that most of the teenage girls I met, were all pursuing their college education.
The 5th anniversary celebration started with a Sunday service. We had a community lunch, then the members of the council had an informal meeting to plan for projects and programs of the outreach.
Just when everyone is about to go, and I was bidding goodbyes to Ate and Kuya Bert. Ate hugged and thanked me for the support I gave them. Which then filled me with so much joy, because everything that I did, is just what God wants us to be. "To love our neighbors."Then she is gave something, it is her way of saying thank you, I don't want to accept it at first, but she told me something that struck me, "dawata ra gud, kay kung ikaw kaya nimu muhatag sa amua, gitudluan pud nimu kami na muhatag sa uban, maong pasalamat namu na!" Wow with our giving we can indeed infect more people, that no matter how simple our life is, we all have the capacity to give. Let us all make every moment we have as an opportunity to GIVE.